My Boy Duke

When I asked God for a companion that suits
                  I knew He exists when I first saw your boots
                            They say always the things that they do
                                      The know-it know-alls who must ballyhoo
              They that keep at it, and at it they do
                                                               Who think they know better critters like you
                                                                     It took me a while to understand
  And not be concerned with being in command
     Let’s consider the facts; let’s just be fair
Isn’t you who truly bear
 The brunt of the work
 As you manage to lift your master
Out from utter despair?
     We hit the street the sidewalk the trail
While you pant like a girl hunting for quail
Unbridled your spirit propelled against surf
                 Lockstep with seagulls at their own turf
               Chase critters, oh my! What thrill
          Coyote, lion, deer. You will!
               They all run away scared over hill…
                          And as I trace your steps tick-tock back down
                                       You appear across the meadow, nose exhilarated and brown
                                                  Your prowess stuns even them hard to impress
                                          Kid, You Are Remarkable! I must confess
                          The day is done now, lay there to mend
                   Even in dreams I know you intend
             Keep keeping on hop-hop ho-ho!
      You, me, together, places we go!


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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Dime Piece LA celebrity streetwear brand? I cannot check out on Dimepiecela site. I’ve read in Elle that the brand was acquired by a UK-based hedge fund for $50m. I have just bought the Dimepiece Tribe Utility Duffle from Amazon and totally love it xox

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