We Are Not in Kansas Anymore

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Interstate 70 Kansas

When this odyssey began and I finally hit the road everything was in order. And that’s not easily done considering the times. It is September 2009 and uncertainty is not only palpable, it is regularly inserted into the American lexicon.

With the 2008 collapse as a backdrop, it is only natural that people would want to hang onto whatever they can hang onto. But rather than hording my possessions, I was shedding them. I gave away TVs, stereo systems, couches, chairs, and really everything that couldn’t fit into my beautiful Audi sedan. Which was not much.

But don’t get me wrong. Getting rid of my stuff wasn’t easy. I had hand-selected each and every one of those things over time. So I got real used to having them around. I remember looking back at my bed and, really, that bed alone, I did not want to let it go.

Its brass frame almost identical to my paternal one, was lovely with imperfections and gilded in homely nostalgia. It comforted and conjured a time lost. I remembered the North Carolinian couple I’d gotten it from, and how they shared a piece of their history with me.

Unsticking yourself ain’t so easy. But, as good ‘ol, Hunter Thompson, often affirmed, Buy the ticket, Take the ride.

You don’t learn anything being stagnant. You gotta get out. Get some air.



Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns; Press, Democrats in destabilization campaign

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On Wednesday Wikileaks Offered an explanation to Michael Flynn’s resignation. The statement says, “National security adviser resigns after destabilization champaign by US spies, Democrats, press.” In a game of Russian roulette forced on Mr. Flynn to abruptly pull the fatal shot to his new career in the Trump administration.

The Washington Post threw the first shot at Flynn over his discussions with Sergey Kislyakn the Russian ambassador to the U.S., before Trump was sworn to office. If you recall, one of the wonderful Obama parting gifts was an executive order signed into law in December 29, 2016. Imposing sanctions on several Russian intelligence agencies some of which pose as fronts for Russian intel, namely, Special Technology Center, based in St.Petersburg.

The leak in on!