Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Greetings from the Edge


When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.


When this odyssey began and I finally hit the road everything was in its proper order. And that’s not easily done considering the times. In September 2009, if uncertainty was not palpable, it was constantly hammered into the American psyche by the media.

In the backdrop of the 2008 collapse, we learned about a new phenomenon when the hoarders came on the scene, and showed us how they live. People who not only like their stuff, they have a special relationship with it. Given the climate at the time, it was understandable to want to hang onto whatever you can. But, I, on the other hand, was letting it go. I gave away my TV, my stereo, my couches, comfortable lounge chair, and everything else that wouldn’t fold nicely into my beautiful Audi sedan. Which was not much.

Don’t get me wrong. Getting rid of my stuff wasn’t easy. Each of those things were hand-selected over time. So I got real used to having them around. I remember looking back at my bed and, really, that bed alone, I did not want to let that go. Its brass frame almost identical to the one I grew up in made me homesick.

As flashbacks of things said and people did settled in, projections of the trajectory loomed ahead. I became so weary, you’d think I’d already gone and came back. I knew I had to say goodbye. Not only to my things, but to Wilmington and friends I’d grown endeared to, and even to myself. Possessed with a preemptive desire to keep everything the same.

But you don’t learn anything by standing still. You gotta get out, get some air.

Buy the ticket, Take the ride. as the good Doctor Thompson often said.




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