My Boy Duke

When I asked God for a companion that suits
                                 I learned He existed when I first saw your boots
                   It may be said I am the one in charge of your care
     But isn’t true that it’s you who truly do bear
 The brunt of the work – let’s be fair
 Sometimes you even manage to lift your master from utter despair
     We hit the street the sidewalk the trail
While you pant like a girl hunting for quail
Enthralled in delight you gallivant around surf
                 Propelled in lockstep with seagulls at their own turf
You fearlessly chase feral critters in thrill
                                     Coyote, mountain lion no matter – oh, deer, you will!
Alike they all run scared overhill
                          And when you re-appear tracing your steps back down
                                       Across the meadow with your nose exhilarated and brown
                         Your prowess stuns those hard to impress
       Kid, You Are Remarkable, I must confess
                          With the day now done as you lay there to mend
Even in your dreams I know what you intend
           Keep keeping on hop-hopping for bunnies – ho-ho!
    Kid, you-me together, the places we’ll go!


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